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We use odak with Linux operating systems. Therefore, we don't know if it can work with Windows or Mac operating systems. Odak can be installed in multiple ways. However, our recommended method for installing Odak is using pip distribution system. We update Odak within pip with each new version. Thus, the most straightforward way to install Odak is to use the below command in a Linux shell:

pip3 install odak
Note that Odak is in constant development. One may want to install the latest and greatest odak in the source repository for their reasons. In this case, our recommended method is to rely on pip for installing Odak from the source using:

pip3 install git+

One can also install Odak without pip by first getting a local copy and installing using Python. Such an installation can be conducted using:

git clone
cd odak
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
pip3 install -e .

Uninstalling the Development version

If you have to remove the development version of odak, you can first try:

pip3 uninstall odak
sudo pip3 uninstall odak

And if for some reason, you are still able to import odak after that, check easy-install.pth file which is typically found ~/.local/lib/pythonX/site-packages, where ~ refers to your home directory and X refers to your Python version. In that file, if you see odak's directory listed, delete it. This will help you remove development version of odak.

Notes before running

Some notes should be highlighted to users, and these include:

  • Odak installs PyTorch that only uses CPU. To properly install PyTorch with GPU support, please consult PyTorch website.

Testing an installation

After installing Odak, one can test if Odak has been appropriately installed with its dependencies by running the unit tests. To be able to run unit tests, make sure to have pytest installed:

pip3 install -U pytest

Once pytest is installed, unit tests can be run by calling:

cd odak
The tests should return no error. However, if an error is encountered, please start a new issue to help us be aware of the issue.