Portable 3D Laser Projector Using Mixed Polarization Technique

K. Akşit, O. Eldeş, S. Viswanathan, M. Freeman and H. Urey, “Portable 3D Laser Projector Using Mixed Polarization Technique,” Journal of Display Technology, vol. 8, pp. 582-589, 2012.
* Rewarded with Best 3D product award of International 3D Society (4th year).



author={K. Aksit and O. Eldes and S. Viswanathan and M. O. Freeman and H. Urey},
journal={Journal of Display Technology},
title={Portable 3D Laser Projector Using Mixed Polarization Technique},
keywords={colour displays;image registration;laser beam applications;optical polarisers;optical projectors;stereo image processing;three-dimensional displays;anaglyph methods;color imbalance artifacts;handheld mobile projector;image registration;mixed polarization technique;polarization rotator;portable 3D laser projector;stereoscopic display;Crosstalk;Glass;Image color analysis;Laser applications;Laser beams;Polarization;Stereo image processing;Stereo vision;mixed polarization;portable projectors},

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