From Sound to Sight: Using Audio Processing to enable Visible Light Communication

S. Schmid, D. Schwyn, K. Akşit, G. Corbellini, T. Gross and S. Mangold, “From Sound to Sight: Using Audio Processing to enable Visible Light Communication,” Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications (2014).



author={S. Schmid and D. Schwyn and K. Akşit and G. Corbellini and T. R. Gross and S. Mangold},
booktitle={2014 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps)},
title={From sound to sight: Using audio processing to enable visible light communication},
keywords={audio signal processing;light emitting diodes;mobile handsets;optical communication;photodiodes;protocols;audio jack;audio processing;communication protocols;electrical signals;light signals;microphone input;mobile phones;on-board audio signal processing;passive components;peripheral device;photodiode;visible light communication;Decoding;Hardware;Lifting equipment;Light emitting diodes;Photodiodes;Protocols;Throughput},

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