Connecting Networks of Toys and Smartphones with Visible Light Communication

G. Corbellini, K. Akşit, S. Mangold, S. Schmid, and T. R. Gross, “Connecting Networks of Toys and Smartphones with Visible Light Communication,” IEEE Communication magazine, June, 2014.



author={G. Corbellini and K. Aksit and S. Schmid and S. Mangold and T. R. Gross},
journal={IEEE Communications Magazine},
title={Connecting networks of toys and smartphones with visible light communication},
keywords={light emitting diodes;optical communication;optical receivers;smart phones;LED;VLC systems;brightness;consumer electronics;illumination;light emitting diodes;light receivers;microcontrollers;public environment;residential environment;smartphones;toys;visible light communication;wireless communication interface;Cameras;Commercialization;Frequency measurement;Illumination;Light emitting diodes;Microcontrollers;Receivers;Smart phones;Transceivers},

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