[en] Flood

I am taking a deep breath. Now, I should open my eyes. I opened it, wow look at that sea. Gulls are all around. I see a tiny lighthouse at the end of the pier, built on top of these small stone clusters. Gulls are attracted to the light of the lighthouse. Although it is a bit foggy and frosting weather, scene looks great. OK, but where am I? This scene reminds me of these inhabited England shores at the far north. Not that I have been there, I have seen many photographs over the Web that looks like it.

I have to enjoy the scene. Oh I wasn’t even aware I am standing near by a gray building, it is almost a half kilometers away. I believe that is some sort of school, I can see some people on the windows with colorful shirts. They are the only ones that adds different colors to the scene besides white, gray, dark yellow, and dark blue. May be I should walk there to find someone to talk to.

And now I am walking, walking on this sandy place is bit challenging with respect to walking on pavement. But definetelty worth it. Once I was running on a sandy beach like this, it was on a Mediterranean beach. Can’t recall though, what was I doing there.

Actually, what am I doing now? Where am I? Everytime I try to remember, I remember a cute puppy with a bow tie. It is one of these puppies that is small, cute, and never looks at you directly. I remember giving that dog to some tiny sweet looking lady. I simply can’t recall anything, even my name. I need to find somebody to help me.

I am almost in front of the building, two youngsters are by the door. They are both males with red woolley sweatshirts.

Hi guys, I am bit lost. Would you please help me. I just said.

One of the boys replied immediately; I though we are the only ones in this island. Are you one of the new teachers?

I was right, somehow I knew that this was a school.

I asked them where can I find some coffee? Because they were drinking some coffees and weather was really cold. They replied; if you are one of these teachers, most probably at teachers lounge. I replied with a yes, I am a new teacher. And simply asked them to point me to the lounge. They escort me to the lounge as they believe that I am their new teacher. Along the way, they asked my name, and I said my name is…, I just pronounced something but can’t remember what I just said a second ago. They introduce themselves as Radgha and Jeffrey. They are both around 19-22 years of age.

Now that I am in this lounge, drinking my warm cup of coffee at the balcony of this cute lounge. There are other people around, they seem to be busy with talking to eachother. Oh this stunning cold sea in front of me is very refreshing when accompanied with a cup of coffee. What is that at the far? As if the sea is rising like a tsunami at the horizon. I took an another good look at it just to confirm. While I was doing that verification, some old guy with a pure white beard shouted immediately. Tsunami is rising again, run to the hills. He points the center of the island, where there is this most weirdest mountain ever. It start with an almost zero slope gradually changing to 90 degrees almost around the halfway. I think I am a runner, but I do not know why I know that I am a runner. It is time to keep a pace to survive.

Everyone around me is running. I just left the gray school building with a good running pace.  It looks like there are around 100 people in the whole building. From time to time I am looking  back to see what’s going on with the sea. Sea is drifting away from the shore almost 300 meters now. Funny to see that some people are running towards the sea. They must be crazy or something. They are around 3 or 5 people, can’t count properly when there is too much to consider and think about.

The white beard guy just catches me with his pace. He looked at me and say; run to the town first, we must warn those people as well. Luckily, the town that he is mentioning is along the way to the slope. The town starts where the slope is around almost none and ends at almost 30 degrees.

Within the next 5 minutes we will reach the town. As I am also looking back, I can see that see is almost a kilometer away where the shoreline is under normal circumstances.

Finally, I am at the town, I have been running for the last 30 minutes. I saw this bar right at the edge of the town. I think running there would be a good choice for me. There must be lots of people inside it. The town looks like a small one, where only fishermen lives with their families. I see some kids at the edge of the town riding their bikes towards the peak. Some are dropping their bikes where slope gets serious and starts climbing. I can see that bikes left behind are falling down the slope slowly. Strangely there are also lots of dogs where kids are. I looked back one more time, and the situation is not good. I can see that tsunami has already hit the shore and coming towards us fast. I speculate that I have last 5 minutes to get myself to the edge.

I entered to the bar, there are some people here drinking and eating as if nothing is happening at outside. I simply shout and say; gets your asses off, there is a tsunami coming. I haven’t seen any response like this in my whole life. At the very same millisecond that I stopped shouting, people started to run at outside without even thinking. It must be something usual for them. We all get ourselves out of the bar. The situation is even worse. Waters are almost at the town.

There is a puppy with a red bow tie in the middle of the street. It looks very much lost. No time to question, how why and when. I grabbed the puppy, put it on the bag in front of a bicycle, and started riding my bike. I do not know why but whole town and the people looks as if it is from 1930s. Puppy is very much scarred, I can see that it is trying to hide itself.

OK, I grabbed the puppy from the bag. Left the bicycle at the right place, and started climbing like those small kids ahead. I looked back for a second, I can see that whole town is captured by the water. My bicycle is floating over the water. Somehow there is this strange change in the rise of the pace of the water. It looks like it is rising much slower, but not stopping.

I am climbing to the top, there is no school, no town, no nothing beside the peak of the mountain and the water. Some kids started to fall down from the top, they seemed to be too tired and that is causing them to fall off.

There is noone beside me and the puppy beside climbing, I can’t see anyone. Finally, I am at the top, waters are still rising. There is no stopping to that thing.

Peak of the mountain is a flat planar circle shaped yard filled with gardens and a small house at the top. Somehow, it is snowing here but only the small house is effected. Sun is making its way to the garden as if it is only reaching directly to the places where there is a garden. Waters are almost at the peak, no where to run. May be I should try entering to the small house.

I just broke the door of the house with a very strong kick. Funny that this house is almost like a toy house in terms of stability. There is a small very cute young lady at the center of the house. She says quick to the safety. I gave her the puppy, she hugged it as if she knows the puppy from before. I can see that waters are entering to the house. She opened this small compartment and we both entered and locked the door. It is all dark here.

Light coming from a glass sphere ball that I am holding in my hand. Sphere ball has the same structure as the peak of the mountain, and a tiny house with fabulous garden in it. She is whispering but I can’t see her. She says; take the second sphere. I take the second sphere ball and left the other one.

Why am I alone on a random beach again? And why do I have a note in my hand this time and a puppy on my other hand…

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