[en] How to follow infinity and beyond on twitter!

Well, the name describes it all; if you are big fan of popular science and always what exists beyond the infinity then you are the right person to read the rest of this text. Today’s people’s only hope and home is the planet earth, no one knows what future will bring us. At best, you can only be approximately 11 Km away from the surface of the earth. That’s what we call as flying…

But there are people on this planet which are at the final frontier, the space… English language describes them as “Astronauts”. Since they are people like us, it is possible to follow them over the twitter! Below you can find a list of the astronauts that I have been following for a long time. Good side is you can actually ask them questions and they will most probably respond you as long as your question is logical…

Additional twitter accounts that can give you information on latest missions in space:

I believe by following these accounts you will have the most recent news from the first hand. Some of these astronauts are even on duty on ISS and they are from variety of different nations all around the world. Here are some of the tweets that I have received from astronauts regarding to my questions to them:

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