[en] Power of Open-Source and real user support

I had a small problem with a command line open-source software and I tried my chances to see if I can get an answer for it. I sent an email to the author and he replied me really fast. Think of an item you buy off the shelf, even in that case you can not get such a fast answer. In my opinion, the idea of sharing and helping others can beat any type of institutions efficiency wise. Here is the full email traffic between me and the author:

Dear Ricardo,

Thank you very much for this quick response, this information solved the problem. Long live open-source! Here is where I use your software:


Best regards,

18 Eylül 2011 21:07 tarihinde Ricardo Garcia yazdı:
– Alıntılanan metni gizle –

Kaan Akşit, Sunday, September 18, 2011 19:34:
> I used your software called youtube-dl and must say it is a great
> work. Thank you very much for making such a tool public. I have a
> quick question about it. Whenever I try to download some video from
> youtube; it works in background, is it a normal behavior or is it
> only like this in the linux distro that I use.

Hello and thanks for your support. The problem is that you’re not
quoting the URL, and your shell is interpreting the ampersand character
in it as a command terminator and sending the command to the background.


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